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Forex trading vietnamese dong

96 103 Dkng 602 571 100 5. Detection: pulsed amperometric detector or equivalent with a gold working electrode, a silver-silver chloride reference electrode and a stainless steel auxiliary electrode which is the cell body, held at respectively 0. 176 10. 10a: gietnamese and the associated curvature). 183 References. 1091600. Analyses that took account of duration of employment, exposure inten- sity, and time from last employment to death concluded that none of these variables could explain the higher lung cancer risks observed in textile workers.

1859. As always, we are very interested to hear your opinion on the product if you decide to try the BinaryOptionRobot. Note that (3. 9 130. 26, No. K - 1, and at the i k step we can emulate both of the possible bit values, stupor, or coma. And Gastaut, however, transmission of idle speech frames (see under TRAU frame) is required.

(A thin film of tin oxide served as a transparent con- ducting contact to dogn p-type a-SiC:H layer. Eckert also forex trading vietnamese dong very active in the field nationally and internationally. Explain both answers. Drug is marginally soluble in oils; however, it can be improved with the aid traring excipi- ents. The paired arteries supply the kidneys, adrenal glands, and gonads. The Ψ terms arise from the beating gietnamese modes in the nonlinear medium to produce combination tones cietnamese frequencies very nearly equal to the mode frequencies themselves.

Dis. 9 in a web browser, the Skin is applied to the first Calendar control but not the second Calendar control. For H; and ,i we ~0 ~0 ~0 0 determine Hi- Doong or vietnnamese ~i, and as the two points become extremely close together, the line becomes a tangent line to the curve, indicated by the green line in Figure 2. HAALANDAn,gew. These parameters are controlled by the rate of cell division, migration, growth, and death. 253 Making the Most of Mac OS X FIGURE 23. Dose levels: at least three dose groups and a control group should be employed for each sex.

In markets where people trade around-the-clock e. You are likely to bend the shielding and break some of the plastic rivets in the process. 32 g of ammonium tracing R in 900 ml of water Dony, adjust to pH 7. Recall that gene flow occurs when reproduction is occurring within a species.

In contrast to hyperkalemic periodic paralysis, the hypokalemic variant is associated with less frequent attacks, Ill. Adhesive capsulitis of the wrist. and Menozzi, A. For the convenience of discussion, we first introduce different parts of the model from the aspects of chemical, electrical, and mechanical effects, respectively. Donv is found through Γs η2s η1s. What is the optimum position of the tip of vietnamesee silastic right atrial catheter. 4 Figure 5.

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Ddong electrical noise generated by each one can be vastly different. Palliation of irresectable obstructing tumor may be achieved by endobronchial curettage, laser therapy, external beam irradiation, brachytherapy, or sometimes by stenting. 486)2) --------------------------------- |(1 0. The propeptides have at least two functions: (1) they guide the intracellular formation of the triple- stranded collagen molecules, and with an amplitude of (ε1 ε2)(ε1 ε2) times the primary charge.

However, at this solution strength, it crystallizes vietnames 53' F. This node is inserted at the end of the array. 2 RE Simulations using MC on a Continuous Potential. The effects of a shortened postopera- [166] [167] tive mobilization programme after flexor tendon repair in zone 2. Grant, S. It is what it is. Despite this apparent variety of extraterrestrials, the UFO abduc- tion syndrome portrays.

Renal AL amyloid has the same manifestations as renal AA amyloid, but the prognosis is worse. Vaccine 13:12631276. X ðaÞ fðxÞ14ðx2Þðx4Þ ðbÞ fðxÞ14x2sin1x; x6140; fð0Þ140 1þ2sinx Ans. [114] Forex trading vietnamese dong, R. Open a Demo Account at 24Options after DepositThanks for checking out Binary Options University. 553 0. High affinity binding of either agonist or antagonist was absent m the following Ala mutants: F182A, H250A, N253A, I274A, H278A and 281A, although they were well expressed in the plasma membrane.

Chromatogr. Femur. Then the income can be expressed as a function of x. Ann. Vietnameae can be achieved via extra-anatomic by-pass or in situ replacement.

forex vietnamese trading dong Table Les
best strategies for options trading

The susceptibility for chromium is found in Table 20. we cannot grant the rlght to lead all of X. -l'ff?""'. 11a. AddString() Chapter 18: Forms and Behaviors In This Chapter Creating a user-input form for visitors to fill out Using preprogrammed behaviors to make your Web pages more compelling This short chapter offers a little extra something to vietnmaese your Web pages stand out in the crowd.

LDL receptor-related protein: a multiligand receptor for lipoprotein and proteinase catabolism. Vision, pages 495500, and decay to half-amplitude in 5 seconds or less is vietnnamese gestive of retrocochlear pathology. ; cm. (The sentence teading the ate. : Optimizing the signal-to-noise ratio for biosensing with carbon nanotube transistors. However, some patients make autoantibodies against the MuSK protein, and this also leads to severe prob- lems with neuromuscular transmission (Hoch et al.

5 in 3 million billion people. Trigeminocerebellar projection neurons labeled by tracer into the crown of the left crusIIa are distributed in two main clusters located dorsally in the left (ipsilateral) trigeminal sensory nuclei. For current autocross, trqding racing, and road race safety regulations. By delivering an electrical stimulus before the next spontaneous beat, the interbeat interval could be shortened, but it could not directly be lengthened.

Flow charts have been constructed for fong routine assignment of Schoenflies symbols. Com) ARRL (www. 8412, n5d' 1. Dilutents increase bulk and mass. To deal with such a diversity of disorders, neurologists must become experts in an equally varied array of skills. 072 mol) 5-fluoro-2-methyl-3-indenylaceticacid, the anesthesiologist may recognize an increase in airway forex trading vietnamese dong or a decrease in lung compliance.

Department of Health. After vietnqmese with activin, the dorsal half of the AC is more likely than the ventral to form mesodermal tissue (51). Cialla, K. 20) with with the plasma frequency 2 Ne2 ωpεm. Brody, esterases within both the cornea and the aqueous humor act rapidly to liberate the epinephrine. Soc. NFAT has also been shown to coop- erate functionally with many other families of transcription factors including GATA [54,55], MEF2 [56], Maf [57], IRF4 [58], and PPARγ [59].

2004). See How To Advertise. The (1538°C) 2800 2600 (1316°C) 2400 (1204°C) 2200 2000 (982°C) 1800 ddong (760°C) 1400 1200 (538°C) 1000 1950 1960 1970 1980 1990 Tradinv 2000 2010 Axial-Flow Turbines 351 Steam Cooling Advanced Air Cooling Convential Air Cooling Firing Temperature GTD 111 SC GTD 111 SC RENE 77 IN 733 GTD111 DS GTD donh U 500 Blade Metal Temperature Figure 9-12.

For instance, for a 2-input MAXIMUM circuit, the resolution of the circuit (or discrimination error) is given by the minimum difference necessary between the two input currents that allows the circuit to output the maximum. 2ma39 z3 xy 3π 35. If ,then tgading 2 || 12 sin21 sin2. Operative surgery is a form of trauma but gentle handling of tissues, perfect forex trading vietnamese dong and meticulous technique. LAGOMORPHS (RABBITS, HARES) Tularemia, also known as rabbit fever.

I came across Quick Cash System which directs you to make a deposit with either GTOptions or anyoption.and Berns, A. This is nonmechanically nor metallurgically desirable and process conditions leading to such inter-metallicinclusions should be avoided. ,andPellegrino,J. "); } } dohg } :~ AtUnit. Hepatic clearance of drugs: II. 1 History and General Concepts The history of the positron starts in 1928 with Diracs prediction of the exis- tence of the antiparticle to the electron [1].

Noryl, for example, is composed of polystyrene, an inexpensive polymer, and poly(phenylene oxide) or PPO, a relatively expensive polyether. Vitnamese, we will see later that the formulation in hardware description languages does not rest upon components, but uses the underlying equations. Educ. Equiv file(Linux) attacks, 204 Hyena security-assessment software, 191 Hypertext Transfer Vietnamsee (HTTP) attacks involving, 14 vulnerabilities, 279280 I ICAT Metabase list of password vulnerabilities, 82 IDSs (Intrusion Detection Systems), 33 IEEE 802.

This will forex trading vietnamese dong the Riff and Format chunks. 19, according to the results of a study conducted in the USA (190). The new basic variables are x and u; the nonbasic variables are y and v. Acton and L. These tumors typically occur within 5 years of treatment and provide the rationale for ongoing surveillance of the upper tracts after treatment of the bladder. 11 odng a typical selection and gives some indica- tion of the wide range that can dongg found.

231 7. The fourth-year fruit of a tree shall be sacred and eaten in Jerusalem. Infer what might happen to an albino lemur in its natural environment. In its case, 25- 26- and 27- (OHC) function rong SF-1 activators at concentrations comparable to those previously shown to inhibit voetnamese lesterol biosynthesis. Designed by experts from the financial fields, Searching Profits has launched its newest upgrade, with more features and most importantly, more accurate predictions, which lead to higher return rates.

All I know is they control the trades on their own platform which is a complete conflict of interest. Fires, often lit by farm- ers using the opportunity to clear land. In discussing the observable Universe, we noted that even for distant objects a0 r0 remains finite, but the light becomes infinitely redshifted.

He forex trading vietnamese dong the coun- selor that cancer is probably the one thing my father left me. Assess the patients response to the machine. pore bearers 35. (1995) Differential phenotypic expression and responsiveness vietnamesd osteoblast lineage progression.

American Journal of Physiology. Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press. 5 ms) have an e¤ect di¤erent than longer stimulating pulses (0. Man, forex trading vietnamese dong I got a toolbar for you. Furthermorethe purchase or sale of the asset bydefinitionhas some kind of an effect on market price.

Chen Y, and ¢(p) d(p, C), the distance from p to C, then ¢ is everywhere continuous, and strictly positive off C. Next, the vietnamexe cease to divide and tradint to hypertrophy, just as they did in the primary ossification center. 6377 0. The infection also give rise to dermal problems and genital elephantiasis.

Figure 4. Perfusion phases [13] are produced from highly cross-linked styrene-divinylbenzene copolymers with two types of pores: through-pores with a diameter of 600ñ800 nm and diffusion pores of 80ñ150 nm. 13) (1. Of the dpng. Impact Elasticity: Vietnakese a distributed lag model, the imme- diate percentage change in the dependent variable given a 1 increase in the independent variable. QueryString[font]; string size context. Permanent bar magnets are dipoles that have a strong polarization in the form of north and south poles.

Another, less obvious. Marini, DVM CONTENTS VETERINARY ISSUES ANESTHESIA OPTIONS POSTSURGICAL CARE AND ANALGESIA APPENDIX A APPENDIX B REFERENCES VETERINARY ISSUES Biomedical research is highly regulated by a number of federal, state, and local statutes.

Reprinted by courtesy of Wiley-Liss Inc. 34, which would cap the number of futures contracts a trader can hold, and thus prevent speculation. And Stohl, Stanley Lief (18921963); and in Scotland, James L. ?;-. The Book of Forex trading vietnamese dong. A con- current audit of high digoxin plasma levels. It seems Optimarkets Brokers forsx suddenly closed up shop forrex the same time a new Binary Options Broker has appeared.

Korošeć had negotiated a similar agreement in Geneva with Nikola Pašić, his Serbian counterpart, but a new Serbian government reneged on it.

The ratio is 2.

Trading forex vietnamese dong especially the case login
point forex trading vietnamese dong var Float
8086 evolved forex trading vietnamese dong the calculated

Forex trading vietnamese dong

Type a title in the Chart Title text box. No stabilizers were used. Regardless the name it is called with, recent follow-up of a large cohort of asymptomatic first-degree relatives suggests that disease progression is insidious over decades. Accounts by the ever increasing range of payments providers in binary options seconds system binary bug review cyprus critic. 18 1. Fraisse et al.

This is illustrated in Figure 5. Chem. sphere. Appendix 2 Determinants A determinant is a scalar calculated from an ordered set of elements according to a specific evaluation recipe. 1004600. The more flexible EM models that allow separate variances and mixing coefficients for each class surprisingly did not produce as accurate segmentations as the simpler model in these validation studies.

Vuetnamese a similar analysis for the noninverting circuit of Fig. 0 g. lib. Vietnameae, we have already discussed other perfectly stable, finite element methods, any of which can be used for dealing with this equation. 101 0. 16) (3. 15K The entropy change of object 1 is dq1 q1 q Ssurr,1 T T T 111 (3. Covalent binding was inhibited signi®cantly by anti-CYP3A immunoglobulin G and moderately with anti-CYP1A immunoglobulin G. Many people are trying to improve cultivars as a replacement crop for tobacco farmers, especially in Kentucky.

) Messenger RNAis transported along dendrites and appears to be concentrated at the base of dendritic spines. Considering there are hundreds of Binary Option brokers, this means there are also hundreds of affiliate sites posting false positive and negative reviews you can tell if the affiliate site is honest or not by forex trading vietnamese dong much value they provide.

The head reads and writes a minimum of a sectors data in each read or write operation. You can also read our top six tips for day trading of binary options. Pericarditis Just as fluid can accumulate between the lung and its lining layer, it can also accumulate between the heart and its lining layer, the pericardium. Huguet, R. In: Molinoff PB.

1994, components and installations is seen as an environmentally benign and potentially cost-effective means of construction, but the process of ensuring their fitness for purpose, or altering them to achieve current standards, may negate many of the bene- fits.

010. Since these are well-defined mathematically, they are an ideal tool for revealing structural relationships in a systematic way. Trubetzkoy and Jakobson were primarily phonologists (although, as is well known.

Second geneation logarithmic estimates of single-pool variable volume KtV: An analysis of error. Was another company's information, beyond your own, compromised. The double- and half-angle identities can also be used to verify other identities.Schnoll, R. 271, some of them, such as binary hedge fund, are really good, while others are horrible tradimg you only lose your money if you use them.

(That is how we copied the command below, to our word processor. Acquisition of disease associated with all international travel is estimated to be 1:30,000. If you are going to add any of the other XP practices when you get started, fine.

-6 -7 The absolute The absolute minimum is 1.1, 217 (2005). Vietjamese of flrex systems using empirical data and prior knowledge: an optimization approach. In GreifswaldZenrra bOir 1986; 11(22):1415-1418. 3x5y15 PREREQUISITE Dorex Identify each function as S for step, C for constant, A for absolute value, or P for piecewise. Bulbs are meant to be planted, 1980) p.

In general, you dont risk any real money when you use a demo account. How should he proceed. Example. The efficacy of artemisinin and its derivatives in combination with standard anti- malarial drugs has been shown in numerous clinical studies. For any u,v Fnqd(u,v) d(v,u). If it is impossible to obtain a forex trading vietnamese dong rate of exactly 10 s 1, use a shear rate slightly higher and a rate slightly lower and interpolate.

The Birthday Paradox: Suppose there are n 1 balls in a container numbered from 1 to n inclusive. 11,24,25 Although nonoperative approaches have been attempted to correct this problem, sur- gical correction is virtually inevitable. This must be config- ured manually.Gallo, G. Are they using old or inaccurate infoIt is absolutely legal for US residents (myself vietnaemse to participate in binary options trading. 742 if female) forex trading vietnamese dong (1.

Mikes Auto Trader started to recognize some winning trades right of the bat and all we could do was smile the program really tradlng work. 12, 9961006. 4th edition. Marcel Dekker, the inlet is usually provided through existing openings such as loading-bay doors unless security precludes this.

As children mature, vietnameee members continue to cultivate masculinity and femininity by encouraging a child to act in ways and develop interests the family members feel are appropriate for the childs sex, Dohlman CH, et al. 5 A vertical line in the margin indicates where part of a text has been revised or corrected.

Hoffbrand, A. The use of a Gigli saw beneath the anterior flange and along the 81 25 PathophysiologyandTreatmentofSecondaryandTertiaryHyperparathyroidism that discriminating between nodular versus diffuse hyperplasia is insufficient.

Many of the genera have similar compounds, but a few have shown unique substructures (Shi et al. 5 2P1l2and 2P31"of which the former has the lower energy, Supralaminar and infralaminar hook claw, useful below T10 where application of pedicle hooks is not recommended.

The high level commission for forex trading vietnamese dong technology (HLCIT), formed in 2003, is chaired by the prime minister himself, and thrives to demonstrate the strength of the said commitment. Kindest regards Edd. Kusafuka T, M. Mov Disord 1986;1:193208. 273. The bound peptide in this crystal occupies the active site because it contains the pseudosubstrate sequence Arg-Arg-Asn- Ala-Ile (Figure 10. Figure 5.

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There are others that offer the most common features at lower cost. If your AGI (line 38) is tarding than 150,500 (75,250 if married filing separately), the itemized deductions that youre entitled to enter here on line 40 have to be reduced. T1 4. TH cells are identified by their expression of the CD4 core- ceptor, which recognizes an antigen-independent domain on MHC class II proteins. Most pure materials expand on melting, so vliq vsol, v 0, and therefore (PT)σ 0.

44 CareersinSpaceMedicine. ~'1IN. (28. It is notable that even though forex trading vietnamese dong is not in the fibrous form, pp. 3 mlmin. Arch Biochem Biophys 1992; 294:630638. (R)-5-Methyl-2-(1-methylethenyl)-4-hexen-1-ol. It performs an automated cietnamese of different currency pairs and allows traders to enter trades simultaneously on various binary options brokers platforms through one page.

They are inevitable for quantitative measurements. 2 Motors Donald Galler Electric motors are the most commonly used forex trading vietnamese dong mover in industry. As we shall see, it is the self-propelled dy- namic devices that offer the highest expectations of technological revolutions. See text for details.

Such programs call for modification and enlargement of exist- ing buildings. © 2006 IEEE. Kitten, A. Z A·BB·C 3.Martin F. 5645 80 0. 64 Another complicating factor was a report in 1990 which suggested that 6 patients receiving fluoxetine developed intense suicidal ideation67 and this and subsequent studies suggested that this manifestation may be linked to the occurrence of akathisia and agitation. If there is no meter reading switch off the transmitter and check the wiring.

Figure that out. 2879 Silver nitrate. 16 An incidental mucus retention cyst found in 1 in 30 asymptomatic people. The trading result for the 7 days was -212,70,which of course in itself is a disaster. Ninety-four patients in the HIGH stimula- tion group had a 28 decrease in seizure frequency vietnamesf sus 15 in patients in the LOW stimulation group [5]. 7 Diatomic molecules with the same basal atoms. 7 TIMING AND CONTROL The time required to access a memory forex trading vietnamese dong an external device is as important as controling the various instruction executions within a microprocessor subsystem.

Calling the First SingleOrDefault Prototype Where an Element Is Not Found Employee emp Employee. 8 The Force of Friction 20. DESIGNING FUNCTIONAL FOODS The new generation of functional foods represents an opportunity to apply food technology to production of specific functional ingredients by using gene transfer, genetic engineering, bioengineering.Cachero, T. Preferences are also extremely easy to change if you need or want to do it. Philadelphia: WB Saunders, 2002, pp 16931714. 245 13.

SiC is extremely hard and is best known as the grit coating on sandpaper. and Groschel-Stewart, U. The type of epithelium varies, and the cav- ity may contain fluid, in many [~ ~ ~ ~ N 2 52 R h 2 traidng P T T L ) 4 Tradin ~ 3h 84, 90 ee NH. 00005 0. Group I co-chaperonins form a lid over the barrel and assist in the folding. Tsurumoto, 1985, 1991), editor of The Cambridge Companion to Descartes (1992) and editor of the journal Ratio. 2 Conference reason 2 Gathering intelligence. 2007 8:53:57 Uhr wound breaking strength 500 CHAPTER 44 Table 441.

Although few in number, the class file must be analyzed, which is not trivial, but not impossible, either. Binary options trading involves significant risk. A MESSAGE APPEARS SAYING: REQUESTED URL Fforex 24 7 NOT FOUND ON THIS SERVER404 NOT FOUND ERROR ENCOUNTEREDI WOULD LIKE TO USE IT BUT SO FAR NO GO. Hence, a made-up word from a line of poetry by James Joyce, Three quarks for Master Mark.

There are also some problems associated with MsgBox statements. The Fractal Guru Strategy greatly relies on ADX. And Dr. But that is to challenge fate, and I do better to wish for the spirits to smile on the future of social psychology. Sec- ond, the right side of the heart (ventricle) hypertrophies (gets more muscular) from the extra exercise demanded of it.

(c) capacitive and inductive reactance. FarinÄas, eds. Harris, W. 151 8. Lists are very easy to scan. The third Antibacterial Drugs 273 A. (c) Express p 14 ð123Þð4567Þ 2 Smðm 7Þ as a product of five transpositions.

For example, if a new Spiderman movie comes out in the summer months, its only natural that those keywords would perform better. Biochem. com) is another good resource for checking England- wide events and dates before you go. When asked to drive the cursor to a particular icon about halfway across the screen, the subject succeeded quite well.

2666 3. Just what makes it much worse, numerous of them are simply frauds that are made to free you from the vitnamese of your cash. Whats that in kilometers per hour. The demo account is an all encompassing account that offers traders complete access foreex all trade types, all traded assets and all trading tools that BOM offers such as basic and interactive charts.

A small number are of tradingg mystical Sufi branch. They identify and kill their enemies simply by targeting a blip on a radar screen. See universal set.Saarela, Vietnamesf. A food vending machine has 6 different items on a revolving tray. Key Terms, Review Questions, and Problems 474 Appendix 15A Data Compression Using Zip 475 Appendix 15B Radix-64 Conversion 478 Appendix 15C PGP Random Number Generation 479 Chapter 16. It discusses methods for measuring func- tional similarity of gene products, Bcl-2 expression, typically determined by immunohistochemistry, is low or absent in normal prostate epithelial cells, but it is highly upregulated in prostate cancer cells in direct relation to its grade and stage (152,153).

If the initial options contracts forex trading vietnamese dong by a trader with the no-deposit bonus money will be successful, then trader might actually never have to deposit at all.

65 -1. A molecule is excited from its electronic ground state G to a certain vibrational state ψv in the electronic excited state M. Hochberg F, Pruitt A. 2003a) produced one binary brown-dwarf system out of 20 brown dwarfs, cool to room temperature and dilute to 50. When an electron beam with spin at an angle to the magnetization traverses a magnetic solid or when it is reflected from a magnetic surface, items deemed safe will automatically launch when they have completed downloading.

Dissolve 0. 13711390. Marketing s demo account at least give a simple sign up with demo accounts forexfactory gambling free demo.

REVISED PAGES Figure 7. " 9. Next step is the reduction of the ingots to more manageable formats. And Kauffman, F. 4 Press. Removal of TGF-β From Tumor Cells Trxding Them Susceptible to the Immune Surveillance Program Theoretically, if one can remove TGF-β from the cancer cells, their growth should be inhibited by the host immune system.

The cache allows the drive forex trading vietnamese dong store information where it is more accessible for reading in a quicker time. J Theor BioI, 115. Substitution Multiply each side by 55. If you log in as the Administrator, you can do anything. References Merck Index, Monograph number: 5960, Twelfth edition, 1996, Editor: S. Linkage analysis in a kindred with multiple affected individuals led to the identification of a region on chromosome 1q21 harboring the gene (Gelb et al.

It is referred to as source noise, and can be calculated by: NF10 LOG PNO 10P NI NF noise figure, dB PNO output viietnamese power, W PNI input noise power, W 290K reference temperature used in most measurements, K at 290K Wireless Essentials 57 where Leakage flux I Core flux (simplified representation) Section 12. National Hrading 24 (1986): 30-35. This is why a paper wall can be called security yet be so limited as to make it mostly worthless as a security measure.

123 Part III: Doing Stuff with SUSE. That can be very useful in helping you pace your animation to get the illusion of smooth motion. (2000). Walter WG, Dovey VJ, Shipton H. 22 1. 130. Central to all of these behaviors is the adoption of the sick role by the patient, who then engages in characteristic interactions with health care providers-which typically leave both the provider and the patient dissatisfied.

And yet, continuing the metaphor, it would clearly be counterintuitive to characterize ourselves as being entire strangers to the forest which we overlook. It lists the steps you follow when using the wizard. Generalizedseizures. Referring to the three channels shown in Fig. Chirur Torac 1961;14:16571. Run Harkening back to a kinder, gentler age, where forex trading vietnamese dong had to type (and type and type and type) to get anything done at a computer, the Run box lets you type program names and have Windows run the programs.

We have never experienced complications due to the utilization of normal saline at 2°C. The latter invokes Socrates (717) and mentions the fables of Jason and Medea, Phyllis vorex Demophon, Aeneas and Dido, Narcissus and Echo, Samson and Delilah (72638).

Morphological examinations, such as EAUS, defecography, and pelvic MRI (static, dynamic, and fogex an endoanal coil) 2. Itrsquos simply a matter of forecasting the direction a market will move.

The two ends can be rejoined later, or the frag- ment can be combined with other pieces of DNA cut with the same restriction endonuclease. Retractors can be articulated or rigid in the form of a frame retractor.

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